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Rage against the Sausage Machine. full video list

Sausage People to be ground down!

The Sausage People, until now best known for their expertise with stoats and weasels, are beset with financial problems. Their bankers, while preoccupied with determining the size of their own annual bonus, neglected to keep an eye on the financial markets. The result was a financial catastrophe of global proportions. Ninety nine percent of all sausages suffered in some way, with many having to return to the sausage machine to be reground. On the ‘up’ side, the bankers were able to determine that their bonus should be at least double that of the year before.
You are all too expensive!

Let’s all be terrorists! full video list
Stuff on this website is NOT intended for viewing by children.
Some animations contain language of a rude nature and
scenes of jeopardy, shock and gore. Hey Ho!

Let’s all be terrorists! Dum-de-dum-de-dum...

Terrorism isn’t funny and neither is this video. It’s just me venting
my spleen (no apologies to any terrorists though... not even for
my lousy vocals).   
full video list
       I’ve only been making animations since
early 2012 but already have a fair number
to my name. You can watch them all HERE
or on my YouTube Channel.

I've also created a page for Bongo Reef Productions
       - just because I'm a big fan. Checkout their stuff HERE.
Great fleas have little fleas! full video list
      The 19th century mathematician
Augustus DeMorgan was a very
playful character. He wrote a rhyme
about fleas which I’ve turned into
a short animation.

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